Benefits of Biometric Locks in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Kantech Biometric Solutions

Biometric locks for your Tulsa commercial property or even home have become a convenient and cost effective way to manage access control. Although it may seem like something from a movie, these innovative security systems have become a reality in today’s changing business world.

What is biometrics? It is the process or technology involved in identifying a person based on their biological data. Biometric readers can identity people based on their fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, voice, facial features, vein patterns or a combination of these biometrics.

“Fingerprint identification is the most popular biometric method today due to its superior combination of strength, affordability, convenience, and ease of use,” Kantech, an access control technologies company, noted.

What are the benefits of using biometric locks and access control systems? Well, the first benefit may become apparent when you lose your keys. If they are your office keys, employees and customers may be impatiently waiting as you find them or call a locksmith. And what about the cost of a locksmith or changing the locks? If an employee with access to sensitive areas needs to be terminated, the cost and frustration of changing locks and codes can be substantial. With a biometric system, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys or having to change the locks with an employee turnover. You can simply delete their biometric data from the system.

The main benefit of biometric lock systems comes with the security of allowing only authorized people into a certain area. While keys, passcodes, and cards can be lost, duplicated, forgotten, stolen, or passed to other workers to gain access, fingerprints are unique to every person. Employees must be present to gain access or clock in. These biometrics then provide a more accurate and reliable system to monitor employee activity and increase accountability.

In companies, healthcare facilities, or educational facilities where employees or students may have different passwords or cards for different access areas or levels, biometric readers can simplify security by eliminating multiple passwords and replacing them with a single biometric authentication.

Biometrics can be used in virtually any industry and for a variety of applications including physical access control, banking, payments, time and attendance monitoring, POS systems, computer and database access, and more.

These biometric recognition systems scan a template image of the person’s physical characteristic such as their fingerprint and stores that template in a database. This template image is used to verify the identity of the person when they use the biometric reader.

With so many industry applications, biometric readers offer an affordable, easy, and reliable way to give your company the advanced security it needs to thrive.

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